UBC Orchard House: Treasury Department, Vancouver, BC

From garden house to treasury department, UBC’s header house undergoes significant upgrading and repurposing, demonstrating a glittering example of potential transformation.

Client Challenge

Orchard House (formerly Header House) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) was originally designed for the gardening department. While the building was later used by researchers and graduate students, it was not really designed for them. Around the same time, the Treasury Department was looking for a new home. This building had just the right amount of space to accommodate them. But it needed significant improvements to make it a suitable office building.

Landmark Solution

UBC retained Landmark Architecture as the Development Manager and Owner’s Representative for the Orchard House renovation (formerly the Header House). Essentially, Landmark had to repurpose the building from what was a basic industrial building into a modern office building. The transformation included selecting finishes and colours.

“We appreciate you going that extra mile for us every step of the way at Header House. Department members and visitors love the building, particularly the colours. Thanks from everyone at Treasury for your dedication and hard work.”

UBC Treasury Department

  • Education
  • 7,000 sq ft
  • $145,000
  • Office Building
  • UBC Treasury Department